Community Sustainable Activities

Student Environmental club


Students will have a special platform to discuss the environmental and sustainability­ related issues. The focus is on activities and awareness sessions that come up with solutions whether on the university campuses or elsewhere but mostly club members will have the opportunity to learn and put democratic citizenship techniques to be implemented such as going out and executing Environmental activities, for example, cleaning the streets or the beachs. It will also give a chance to the motivated students to discuss ideas and create plans to be implemented on a variety of issues, including politics, science, education, environmental ethics, and anything else related to environmentalism and the advancement of a fair and sustainable society. As they campaign both individually and collectively for laws and practices that are environmentally sustainable and morally sound, for example, organizing a campaign for one week called 11no plastic bags II in which we put a friendly law that no one could have plastic bags on the campus during the campaign time.


One of the main goals of the Environmental CIUlb is to train E-JUST students on the practices of sustainable living, with the ultimate goal of creating the culture of sustainability on the E-JUST campuses that will serve as a model for other universities and our local community.


Second Hand clothes event

Streets painting (in Borg El Arab and Alexandria)

  • Students are advised to detect a local environmental problem, suggest solutions, and act where possible to solve it
  • Have a "clean-up" day of an area in our community (in Borg :El Arab and Alexandria)
  • Prepare a compost heap, bag compost, and use it in the school garden, or at
  • Segregate garbage (remove paper, plastic, glass and composting materials) and start recycling processes as follows:
  • Recycle paper into new paper for cards or
  • Sell bottles and cans to
  • Set up a litter Control campaign on campus (put up signs, bring garbage containers, speak with the workers who empty tlhe containers)..
  • enhance the habitat: "adopt" an animal, "adopt" a tree: arrange the area around and take care of the tree.


  • Workshops partnering with Environmental conservation organizations like Banlastic Egypt, GoMash
  • Encouraging Local Industries/shops, With a list of Egyptian brands in different categories that go green
  • Debating and Negotiating with Business owners about the cost of replacing plastic materials with biodegradable products
  • Exploiting used products like cooking oil, Plastic, Paper, or Metals
  • Creating sustainable second-hand clothes Facebook group
  • Eliminate the alleged high cost of alternative products to Plastic
  • Warning of Greenwashing

Climate Change Photo Contest (A photography Competition on Environmental Sense) No plastic bags Campaign

  • Prepare and carry out gatherings for the school community on the different environmental

days during the academic year such as: World Food Day, National Peace Day, Labour Day, Earth Day, World Water Day, World Environment Day etc.

  • Prepare dramatic presentations on many issues, g., Acting ,a play about the importance of environmental protection and Agriculture.
  • Have a poster, essay, poetry competition, with prizes for winners, "Celebrate the Earth", "Use Water Wisely", "Let there be Peace on Earth"
  • Prepare some environmental games for students to play and learn
Club president

Rowan Adel Zaghloul
Faculty of Engineering

Club Advisor

Prof. Mona Gamal Eldin Ibrahim
Dean of EECE School