About Us

“The School of Energy Resources, Environmental, Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering (EECE) aims to provide high quality graduate education, training, and high quality research. We also aim to provide technical services to meet society’s need for the development and deployment of efficient, economical and sustainable environmental and energy services. We are devoted to providing our students with an experiential learning environment to maximize their knowledge. The Department of Energy Resources offers its students courses that cover important topics such as renewable energy systems, alternative fuels, energy storage systems, fuel cell technologies, and many more. The Department of Environmental Engineering presents a wide range of knowledge in the fields of natural resources management, integrated wastewater treatment, environmental assessment and management and air quality. Finally, the Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering Department is designed to provide students with basic and applied scientific research in the fields relevant to chemical and petrochemical industries, in order to develop new products and/or improve the properties of existing products. The EECE School is an exciting place to study. We are a dedicated and expert team of academia that undertakes a wide range of research disciplines.”