New innovative thermal system for improving the performance of HCPV cell and its application in solar desalination system

Starting date: November, 2019.

End date: October, 2021.

PI: Prof. Ahmed Elshazly

Funded by: STDF


The high concentration photovoltaic combined with thermal systems (HCPV/T) will be implemented at the current work to take the advantage of rejected heat at the same time maintain the PV under the permitted operation conditions and propose the solution of the main challenges of HCPV.

Objectives and Impact:

The main objective of the current work is to investigate the probability of different cooling techniques to maintain triple junction solar cell under the recommend range and enhance the electrical performance under high solar concentration and different weather conditions. The triple junction III-V solar cells are selected as they are more efficient and have a good response to high concentration. To increase the overall convergence efficiency of HCPV/T a novel solar still desalination unit will be attached to HCPV/T as a subsystem to utilize the rejected heat from HCPV/T. The proposed system gives a promising solution for several Egyptian regions which endure from the lack of fresh water and electricity. For carbon savings, these units can eliminate many tons of CO2 every year

SDGs that the project achieve: GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy.