Solar Driven Water Treatment System using MOF Adsorption integrated with Nanomaterial Pre-Treatment and Real Time Water Quality Sensor for Egypt

Starting date: Feb, 2019

End date: Jan, 2021

PI: Marwa Elkady

Funded by: STDF


 The project aims to develop a novel, energy efficient, cost effective, solar driven wastewater treatment system in Egypt using the double distillation adsorption water treatment (AWT) integrated with nanomaterial pre-treatment unit. Also, a novel fluorescence-based water sensor for water quality real time monitoring will be developed.

Objectives and Impact:

1-Develop composite MOF with superior water adsorption uptake and thermal properties through an advanced synthesis process using materials like Graphene Oxide, Graphite, carbon nanotubes.

2- Develop a pre-treatment unit using naturally available nanomaterials in Egypt to reduce pollution level prior to the AWT unit through assessing the adsorption selectivity of the various prepared nanomaterial matrices toward various pollutants such as heavy metals, dyes, oil, phenols to optimize the performance of the pre-treatment unit.

3- Develop fluorescence based water quality sensors to be integrated in the AWT for continuous monitoring;

5- Develop an efficient concentrated solar photovoltaic/ thermal system with energy storage to power the AWT continuously.

SDGs that the project achieve: GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation