Reseach Areas

1. Renewable Energy Systems

Design of solar energy systems.

Thermal regulation of PV systems using nanotechnology.

Renewable energy driving systems

Smart Energy Grids.

Thermoelectric systems.

2. Thermo-fluid

Refrigeration and air conditioning.

Power plants and thermal systems.

Multi-phase flows.

Flow in porous media.

Heat and mass transfer with applications to energy systems.

Computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer.

Heat pipe.

desalination systems

micro-and nano scale flows

multiscale computations (continuum-meso), molecular dynamic simulation

3. Alternative Energy Systems

Fuel cell technology,

Proton exchange membrane fuel cells,

Direct methanol fuel cells,

Solid Oxide fuel cells,

Solar Hydrogen production,

Photoelectrochemical cells,

Photovoltaic/photoelectrochemical cells.

4. Energy Storage Systems

Thermal energy storage,

Mechanical energy storage,

Electrochemical energy storage,

Hydrogen storage,

Energy storage systems for grid support

5. Energy Conservation and Management

Electric Vehicle and fuel cell vehicle energy management systems,

Intelligent Energy management strategies for PV-wind–Fuel cell- energy storage hybrid systems,

Energy audits, energy efficiency and energy managements

6. Fuels and Combustion Engines

Spray and liquid atomization,

Alternative fuels and combustion performance,

Internal combustion engines.