Laboratory facilities

Name Image Function
Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Thermal Imaging and Real time capture ON PC With Resolution: – 0.06°C
Infrared Thermometer Measurement Range: -60 to 1000ºC
DATA LOGGER Data Acquisition System. Inputs (Voltage-Thermocouple)
Pitot tube Anemometer + Differential Manometer Measures Air Velocity/Airflow
Sound Level Meter
Hot wire anemometer It measures velocity, temperature, and relative humidity; and calculates flow, wet bulb and dew point temperature.
Stroboscope perform non-contact RPM measurements on rotating or Reciprocating parts or components.
THERMO HYGROMETER Humidity Measuring Temperature Measuring

• Dry-bulb

• Dew Point

• Wet-bulb

Touch less/ Contact Digital Tachometer check speeds of centrifuges,motors, or stirrers
Ultrasonic Flow meter • Pump testing and inspection

• Inline flow meter performance verification

• Leakage and blockage detection

• Flow surveys

• Cooling and heating fluid measurements

Fixed Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter • Cooling and heating fluid measurements.

• Water and wastewater measurements

• Monitoring and controlling of HVAC

Ultrasound detector Compressed air leak detection

• Steam trap inspection

• bearing monitoring

• Machinery lubrication.

• Pump cavitation’s detection

• Localization of internal leaks

Digital Lux Meter measuring illuminances
Sensors and Indicators