Laboratory facilities

Name Image Function
Vapour-Compression Refrigeration Unit Complete vapour-compression refrigeration system with online monitoring and logging of results using a suitable PC,Compressor speed can be varied and torque measured enabling changes in performance to be evaluated
TRAY DRIER • Heat and mass transfer analogies

• drying tests on solids for industrial use

• Effect of temperature and air

• velocity on drying rate

•use of psychometric charts

Recycle Loops • Steady state heat and mass balances

•Unsteady state responses to step changes in through flow rate, heat input to the loop or recycle rate

• The effect of residence time can be demonstrated by changing the volume of the loop

Gaseous Diffusion Coefficient Apparatus • direct measurement of mass transfer rates in the absence of convective effects

• use of Fick’s Law to measure diffusion coefficients in the presence of a stationary gas

• measurement of the effect of temperature on diffusion coefficients