Year /Role

Financial agent

Project title

2012-2016 (PI)

US-Egypt / Since- Technology, Development Fund -STDF (ID: 3665),

Collaboration with 7.Penn State university, USA

Novel pilot-scale application for bio-hydrogen fermentation of starch wastewater industry and synthesize of new materials for chemical storage of hydrogen.

2012-2015 (PI)

Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT-

A joint research grant under the south African/Egypt research partnership program bilateral agreement)

Collaboration with 8. Durban University, Institute of water and wastewater technology, South Africa

Enhancement effect of magnetic nanoparticles on bio-hydrogen production from organic wastes via pilot – scale anaerobic baffled reactor (ABR)

2012-2015 (PI)

ASRT)joint research proposal egypt/tunisia) – collaboration with 1institute of biotechnology, safix, tunisia

A novel up-flow anaerobic staged sludge bed reactor (UASSB) for bio-hydrogen production from paper mill industry wastewater

2014-2016 (PI)

ASRT (IMHOTEP Program)- collaboration with National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture, (IRSTEA); France

Enhancement of hydrogen production from gelatin wastewater via anaerobic consortium bacteria immobilized on the nanoparticles

2016-2018 (PI)

ASRT Academy of Scientific Research and


Innovation and Invention Development Instrument (IIDI)

ASRT Prototyping, Technology Development and Marketing Support Program


Collaboration with Tohoku University and AIO

Sustainable and Innovative Full Scale Technology (400 m3/d) for

Domestic Wastewater Treatment In Rural Areas

2015-2016 (PI)

Ocean company

Treatment of food industry wastewater

2015-2016 (PI)

River company

Treatment of lipids rich wastewater

2012-2017 (PI)

Program for Strategic Promotion of International Cooperation to Accelerate Innovation in Developing Countries /JST, MEXT. The initiative for promotion STI cooperation between Japan (Tohoku University) and Africa (Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology

Project partners: Kisarazu National College of Technology, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Eng.,Nagaoka National College of Technology, Dept. of Civil Engineering; Kagawa National College of Technology, Dept. of Civil Engineering; Niigata Univ. of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sci., Faculty of Applied Life Sciences

Innovation of Sewage Treatment Technology for Agricultural Reuse in Arid Region

2012-2014 (Member)

EcoCity Capacity Building in NBC- collaboration with VTT-Finland Research institute

The project funded from Finnish government

2009-2012 (PI)

Since- Technology, Development Fund -STDF (ID: 167)

Biohydrogen production from kitchen waste and rice straw