Depletion of traditional fuels and the exponential increase in energy demand will make energy resources an important issue worldwide. The interactions between the human activities in the field of energy had become crucial. Excessive consumption of energy requires innovation and development of systems to utilize the available energy resources efficiently. This will ensure the optimal utilization of available resources, preserve the environment, and create new investment opportunities. Tools for addressing such situations include, but not limited to, Renewable Energy Systems, Alternative Fuels with appropriate developments in combustion systems, Fuel Cells Technologies, Energy Storage Systems and Energy Conversions and Management. The program offered by Department of Energy Resources Engineering is a unique direction among Egyptian Universities and will contribute to the understanding of the above subjects and the national income.


The vision for the Department of Energy Resources Engineering is to be a national and international pioneering and referential offered program in innovation, adaptation, and development of energy conversion technologies through advanced working systems with high efficiency. Graduates of this program will meet the challenges of the growing energy demands without jeopardizing the environment.


The mission of Energy Resources and Environmental Engineering Program is to prepare students well equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as, the research tools and skills necessary to tackle the current energy crisis and environmental problems. This includes supervision and undertaking of Research on topics caused by the dwindling conventional energy sources, the impacts of fossil fuels on the environment and the limited water resources. Examples are Renewable Energy, Alternative resources for energy and water, energy storage, Energy and Water Resources Management, Waste water Recycling, Solid Waste Reuse, and Air Pollution Control.


To prepare graduates able to interact with the community towards more utilization of new and renewable sources of energy with efficient systems.

To prepare graduates able to interact with the community towards more utilization of new and renewable sources of energy with efficient systems.

To prepare creative graduates to design, manage, build, operate, and maintain energy converting equipment and energy utilization systems without harm to the environment.

To prepare qualified graduates that can apply latest technologies for the improvement of life quality. By considering and addressing energy resources with emphasis on national and international resources with associated problems.

To give an equal opportunity for students from any country to enroll into that unique energy resources engineering program.

To establish strong and effective co-operation with different national and international research institutes, centers, universities and industries relevant to energy and its applications.

To develop an integrated teamwork interacting with other members from different E-JUST programs (Interdisciplinary research work).