Department of Environmental Engineering


The vision for the Environmental Engineering Program is to achieve Environmental Sustainable Development and to be a unique regional program with latest innovative technologies in the field of Environmental Engineering; and to utilize the available natural resources integrated with the green environmental requirements.


The mission of Environmental Engineering Program is to prepare students well acquainted with the basics of theoretical and practical knowledge of environmental requirements, and also to be acquainted with the research tools and professional skills to tackle the current environmental problems. This includes undertaking research topics in the fields of limited natural resources, waste, and Air quality. Examples are Water Resources Management, Wastewater Recycling, Solid Waste Reuse, and Air pollution monitoring and assessment technologies to create new investment opportunities.


• To prepare graduates able to interact with the community towards better environmental conditions.
• To prepare creative graduate to design and apply Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies.
• To prepare graduates able to be Environmental Engineering professional for addressing sustainability and Pollution Prevention Programs.
• To select appropriate and develop advanced technological designs that serve water and wastewater treatment plants.
• To prepare graduates be able to apply latest technology for the improvement of life quality concerning natural resources and sustainability.
• To establish strong integrated teamwork skills and effective co-operation with different national and international universities, research institutes, centers, and industrial sector.
• To give an equal opportunity for students from all countries to enroll to the environmental engineering programs.
• To develop integrated teamwork skills interacting with other members from different EJUST programs (Interdisciplinary research work).